Winning the “Inner Game” of Sports…Consistently!

By Dr. Jack Singer

The Mind-Body Connection

Todd Durkin, Fitness Quest 10, San Diego, CAToday I spent most of the day with a group of Todd Durkin’s pro athletes and presented my workshop titled “Winning the “Inner Game” of Sports…Consistently!”

It was an amazing day and these athletes are incredibly motivated to develop both their minds and their bodies.

We all train the left side of our brains for our sport, business and performance goals in life.

What is often left untouched in our training is the right side of the brain…the side that is responsive to, emotions, feelings, music, balance, visualization and the secret weapon—Self-Hypnosis.

In this workshop I taught the fundamentals of what you need to know to develop the right side of your brain, to maximize your skills, your success and even your health!

  • The #1 predictor of peak performance. Beleive it or not, your biggest obstacle to sports success is NOT your opponent!
  • The impact of yoru inner dialague on your athletic performance.
  • Staying in “The Now.”
  • The amazing mind-body connection.
  • Self-hypnosis in less than 30 seconds.

Todd had cameras rolling all day and I will post video as soon as I get it from him. In the meantime, please visit this page to download your free copy of Hypnosis for Sports Success.

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