Violent Video Games Make Children More Aggressive

By Dr. Jack Singer

Violent Video Games Make Children More Aggressive, Regardless of Gender or Culture

For years it has been debated whether video games can actually have an emotional impact on youngsters, in terms of developing violent ways of treating others in order to accomplish their needs.  Parents often ask me whether they should allow their children to play violent video games, and they usually rationalize that it’s better than hanging around malls getting into trouble.

New research reported in the March Psychological Bulletin concluded that for both males and females, playing violent video games is a risk factor for future aggressive behavior.

There is no more question regarding this issue.  Be responsible to your children and limit their use of video games in general, and violent ones in particular.  By spending more quality family time with your children around the dining room table, cooking in the kitchen, playing ball in the back yard or just sitting around and chatting you will raise emotionally healthy, well-adjusted children.

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