Tiger Woods Declawed

By Dr. Jack Singer

Tiger Woods What’s happening to our heroes?  Celebrities the likes of President Clinton, Governor Spitzer, Senator Edwards, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, and even Tiger Woods?  What, on earth, is happening here?

My view may be simplistic, but here it is.  People with power often develop a false sense of entitlement and believe that they “deserve” to have whatever pleasure they wish, whenever, and with whomever.  We are shocked about Tiger because he was supposedly a clean cut Stanford guy, a role model for young Blacks who never dreamed of golf as a profession…a husband and father who protected his personal life and shielded his family from the public.

The problem is that many of these so called “icons” have never really been pressed to work through emotional and personal vulnerabilities like the rest of us mortals.  Even these athletes, who do engage in getting help, do so under the umbrella of “Sport Psychology,” which sounds a lot safer than a cry for help.  They surround themselves with “yes men” and are rarely confronted with the inappropriateness of their private behavior.

We need to remember that these folks are just like the rest of us.  Subject to the same temptations and weaknesses, regardless of their fame and fortune.  I, for one, believe they are entitled to their privacy, instead of airing their laundry across the media landscape.  Perhaps when people start “being real” with these people from an early age, then these “icons” won’t delude themselves into believing they are entitled to do what they want and to whomever.

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