The Bully Vaccine Interview

By Dr. Jack Singer

The Bully Vaccine Interview with Jon Hansen Yesterday I was privileged to be a guest with Jon Hansen on PI Window on Business on a segment called The Bully Vaccine‘. Today I am told that the interview has been downloaded close to 27,000 times already and it is just barely noon.  That tells you what an important topic this is.

Besides being a topic of interest, the insights provided by the guest panel was incredible. Guesting along with me were  2x Mr. Universe winner and author of the book Mind Over Body Nordine Zouareg, Jennifer Hancock, author of ‘The Bully Vaccine‘ and Meryl Camin Sosa who is the Executive Director of the Illinois Psychiatric Society.

According to a 2004 U.S. poll of children, 86% of more than 1,200 9- to 13-year-old boys and girls polled said they’ve seen someone else being bullied, 48% said they’ve been bullied, and 42% admitted to occasionally bullying other kids.

While a 2008 Health Canada paper by Deborah Doherty and Dorothy Berglund highlights the significant costs for society as a result of the disrespectful and domineering behavior associated with bullying one thing is for certain . . . this is a problem that we can no longer ignore!

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