Take Care of Your Heart Health in 2011

By Dr. Jack Singer

Take Care of Your Heart Health in 2011 by Dr. Jack SingerWith rising health care costs this is very definitely the best time to begin to get serious about your health and your families health. Because heart disease can strike anyone without warning, the American Heart Association offers a variety of free programs to help you get started on those New Years resolutions that concern your health. So instead of making a New Years resolution this year, consider making  a New Life resolution. 

The American Heart Assocation is offering an online program called My Life Check and Life’s Simple 7 that offer simple steps toward improving heart health and quality of life.  The My Life Check Assessment allows participants to access plans that will help them get with each of Life’s Simple 7:

  1. Get active
  2. Control cholesterol
  3. Eat better
  4. Manage blood pressure
  5. Lose weight
  6. Reduce blood pressure
  7. Stop smoking

After taking the free assessment, participants can track eating habits, smoking cessation, blood pressure, exercise and weight loss to get motivated and keep moving.

Check with your local health community to see what programs are available to you and make that New Life resolution to be healthy and happy in 2011.

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Jack N. Singer, Ph.D.
Certified and Licensed Sport and Clinical Psychologist
Diplomate, National Institute of Sports Professionals, Division of Psychologists
Diplomate, American Academy of Behavioral Medicine
Certified Hypnotherapist, American Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

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