Stress Mastery Tip #2 From Dr. Jack Singer

By Dr. Jack Singer

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I get so many calls from people suffering from stress that I wanted to share some stress mastery tips with you each week. Please bookmark this site and visit each week for the newest tip.

Stress Mastery Tip #2

Take care of your emotional health by taking care of your physical health.  Consider visiting a licensed Naturopathic Physician to learn about foods and natural supplements that have been proven to reduce and prevent stress.

The following  are examples of physical features which been shown to directly impact moods and stress levels:

  • Keep your blood sugar low with frequent, smaller meals that include protein
  • Eat light at night
  • Get ample sleep
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine and tobacco
  • Load up on anti-oxidant foods and keep your weight within the normal range for your age and height.

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