Sport Psychology Tip of the Day: Turning Anger Into a Positive Force

By Dr. Jack Singer

by Jack Singer, Ph.D.
Licensed Sport/Clinical Psychologist

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One of the most requested services I receive from athletes of all ages and levels of skill is help controlling their anger.  This is such a common concern, that I developed an Anger Mastery hypnosis series just for this purpose.

Anger is a “normal emotion” and when controlled, can actually serve some very practical purposes, such as becoming an energizer and motivator.  You can channel the strength and energy of your angry emotions into finding a practical solution to the problems that evoked the anger.

Sport Psychology Tip of the Day with Dr. Jack SingerTechniques for Controlling and Mastering Your Anger

  1. Recognize the trigger to your anger.  Is this a recurrent situation that you need to be on the lookout for?
  2. Think of alternative responses to that trigger.  Examples are taking a series of deep breaths through your diaphragm and then giving yourself some positive self talk about how you are happy that you are controlling your reactions.
  3. Rehearse self-talk that you will use in the future, when you are provoked.  For example, “I can control myself and don’t need to react with anger.  I will be very pleased when I react with calmness.”
  4. Take charge of “should” statements.  Stop thinking about what the other player or the ref should or should not have done.
  5. Take responsibility for your angry reactions.  Instead of saying to yourself, “That guy is making me angry,” change it to “I don’t have to allow myself to feel angry when he does that.”  This gives you a feeling of control, which will lessen the probability of you reacting with anger.
  6. Discuss the triggers that provoke you with someone you trust, such as a teammate, roommate, girlfriend or counselor.  The act of discussing it my help you ultimately to let the steam out of your system and gain control.


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About the Author:

Dr. Jack Singer is a professional speaker, trainer and psychologist. He has been speaking for and training Fortune 1000 companies, associations, CEO’s and elite athletes for 34 years.  Among the association conventions which Dr. Jack has keynoted are those which serve financial planners.

Dr. Jack is a frequent guest on CNN, MSNBC, FOX SPORTS and countless radio talk shows across the U.S. and Canada.  He is the author of “The Teacher’s Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide,” and several series of hypnotic audio programs, some specifically for athletes and some for anyone wanting to raise their self-confidence and esteem. To learn more about Dr. Singer’s speaking and consulting services, please visit and or call him in the U.S. at (800) 497-9880.

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