Sport Psychology Tip of the Day: Checklist for Productive Practices

By Dr. Jack Singer

by Jack Singer, Ph.D.
Licensed Sport/Clinical Psychologist

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Coaches frequently complain that practices are not consistently productive and research shows that the more practices simulate game conditions, the better athletes and teams perform during games.  Therefore, having consistently productive practices is crucial to team success.

Sport Psychology Tip of the Day: Checklist for Productive PracticesA very thorough checklist for Practice Organization was highlighted in a recent edition of Championship Performance: 

  1. Is the practice schedule for the day displayed on the team bulletin board?
  2. Do the players arrive on time for practice?
  3. Does the coach have a file of previous practices?
  4. Does the coach have a written practice plan?
  5. Does the coach refer back to past practice plans?
  6. Do the plans list specific time limits for each activity?
  7. Does the coach have specific duties planned for each activity?
  8. Do the players know what is expected of them in each practice?
  9. Does each member of the coaching staff have clearly defined responsibilities?
  10. Does the coach have different plans for the separate parts of the season?
  11. Do the players gain or lose stamina and endurance during practice?
  12. Do the players run drills directly related to anticipated game situations?
  13. Can the players raise their intensity levels during practice to the levels they will need in the game?

Structure and organization during practices are key ingredients for success during game time.

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