Sandusky Attorneys Obviously Desperate

By Dr. Jack Singer

By Jack Singer, Ph.D.

Jerry Sandusky Trial In an act of obvious desperation, it looks like Jerry Sandusky’s attorney’s are trying to use “Histrionic Personality Disorder” as a defense for alleged multiple child molestation.  Seriously?

This raises the (sarcastic) question of should we release all child predators because they may have a need to be the center of attention?  What about serial killers with the same need? What about all of the head football coaches in the U.S. who enjoy the attention and accolades they receive… should we be concerned that maybe they have been molesting children to satisfy their need for attention?  What about all of the people who actually do suffer from Histrionic Personality Disorder…do most of them prey on children in order to satisfy their “disorder?”  The absurdity of this “explanation” is obvious.

Resorting to such a defense proves to me that the defense has no defense.  How do you refute multiple accounts of the same behavior from people who never knew each other?  And how do you refute one of your own assistant coach’s eye witness account of the same behavior?

The bottom line is that Jerry Sandusky likely will be found guilty of multiple counts of child molestation of the worst kind.  Most likely, the jury will determine that under the cloak of a charitable organization that he set up, he preyed on those he was supposed to be protecting.

If found guilty, Sandusky deserves no sympathy and should spend the rest of his life attempting to get the attention of his fellow prisoners. Perhaps meeting them in the prison showers would be an appropriate conclusion to this tragic story.

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