Recognizing Burnout Before It Is Too Late

By Dr. Jack Singer

Do you feel constantly tired and irritated by work?

Burnout’s symptoms are as varied as those who suffer it. Some people get angry, some become quiet and introverted, while others overeat or abuse drugs and alcohol.

If your job is stressful, it’s important to find out if you’re headed for job burnout. Some common pressures include job demands, changes in the workplace or unbalanced work-family time.

Eight common feelings associated with burnout:

1. Inability to be effective at work.

2. The workplace demands more than you are able to give.

3. Nothing you do is good enough.

4. You are anxious and dread going to work.

5. You are always tired, even when you get enough sleep.

6. You’re bored most or all of the time.

7. You feel guilty.

8. You feel hopeless, powerless and futile.

Here are some of the best defenses against burnout:

• Eat a healthy, balanced diet and get enough rest and exercise.

• Make balance a priority. Have a rich life outside of work, as well as activities and people who bring you satisfaction outside of the office.

• Reach out for help. Build a strong support system, and make sure you’re not with people who spend time complaining.

• Come up with solutions. If you talk about a problem, make sure you add what you want to do about it and how you see yourself contributing to a remedy.

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