Our Nation’s Children Are Really Hurting

By Dr. Jack Singer

Stress In Children

Stress in American Children by Dr. Jack SingerData from the American Psychological Association’s Stress in America survey indicate that parents generally have no clue about what is stressing their children.  The survey shows that children between the ages of 8 and 17 worry and stress about grades, getting into good colleges and their family’s finances.  But their families don’t seem to notice these concerns or address them if they do.

The next largest source of stress for children is getting along with their friends, yet many parents have no idea about these stressors affecting their children.

Furthermore, more than a third of the children reported headaches in the past month, yet only 13 percent of parents reported that their children had stress headaches.

Forty-four percent of children reported having difficulty falling asleep and again, only 13 percent of parents believe that their children have trouble getting to sleep.

The economic turbulence of the times we live in has distracted many parents from paying attention to their children’s stress and needs. Regardless of their own issues and stressors, parents need to listen to their children daily and pay attention to what is hurting them.  Hopefully, if this happens, the high adolescent suicide rate will plummet.

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