Keeping Fit on Business Trips

By Dr. Jack Singer

Business trips often disrupt exercise routines. Without the familiarity of a local gym, home treadmill or jogging route, many travelers don’t work out. And this lack of physical activity can cause sleeplessness, fatigue and irritability.

So here are some ideas for keeping in shape when you’re out of town:

• Make reservations at a hotel with a pool, exercise facility or one that offers passes to a nearby gym.

• Try exercising in your hotel room. When making reservations, check to see if the room will have a VCR so you can use an exercise tape. Or, bring lightweight equipment from home, like a jump rope or elastic bands and make up your own exercise routine.

• Use the hotel’s common areas. Take an indoor hike through the halls. Or run up the stairs (but take the elevator down to save your knees).

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