Keep a Healthy Balance in Your Busy Life

By Dr. Jack Singer

Learn to shut work off. These days you can work practically anywhere, anytime. It can be a trap, so set a firm time of day to stop work and start concentrating on your family and other activities.

• Focus on the here and now.
When you’re working, give it your full attention. And when you stop, don’t let worries about work and details about your job occupy your thoughts. This may take some practice, but teach yourself to be in the present at all times.

• Find a good non-work activity.
If you’ve got nothing to do after work, you’ll have a hard time disengaging when you try to stop. Find a hobby to immerse yourself in, or just make an effort to devote your full attention to your family’s needs. (Even then, make an effort to give yourself some personal time so you don’t burn out on responsibility.)

• Don’t let your job define your identity. When you describe who you are to people, let your job be only one aspect of your self-portrait. That way, a setback in any one area won’t be as damaging to your self-image, and you’ll be less tempted to ignore other possibilities open to you.

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