It is Time to Give Tiger Woods Some Space

By Dr. Jack Singer

Tiger and Elin Woods In our ravenous need to peer into the private life of our national sports icon, Tiger Woods, we are forgetting that he may well have a problem that needs to be addressed and it should not be addressed in public.

If the allegations of multiple liaisons with multiple partners, many of whom Tiger professed his love for, are all true, then it’s reasonable to assume he is suffering from a Love Addiction and possibly a Sex Addiction.  Both of these conditions are as real and debilitating as alcohol, drug  or gambling addictions.  This is an illness and it is so controlling that it makes people take terrific risks in order to satisfy their cravings. 

Think about what Tiger was risking over the years…if anyone saw him with another woman, his marriage and career could have come to a screaming halt, as it did recently.  That’s how strong addictions can be.  Live for today to satisfy your need and worry about the consequences later.

My point is that Tiger needs serious therapy to overcome this malady…not scorn and ridicule. I hope that the ravenous media will give him and his family some much needed privacy to work out their problems.

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