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Dr. Jack Singer spent 33 years working as a Professional Sport Psychologist, successfully teaching Olympic, World Champion and Professional athletes how to consistently bounce back from adversity, perform at their best under the most challenging circumstances, unlock their true potential, master their stress and supercharge their performance… all by developing the mindset of a champion!

Now Dr. Jack provides select financial professionals with the exact same blueprint of SOLUTIONS to the most difficult concerns they face.

Are you...

  • Feeling self-doubt, overwhelmed and unsure of yourself in this career field?
  • Using procrastination to avoid prospecting?
  • Having Difficulty balancing work and family?
  • Feeling tremendous pressure to succeed without the self-confidence to do so?
  • Avoiding certain “difficult” clients?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then engaging Dr. Jack for private, confidential “success acceleration” mentoring is your ticket to skyrocketing your success.

"Very actionable, practical ideas that can be immediately implemented."

Vernon Gibson, Moors & Cabot

 Among the SOLUTIONS you will learn by working exclusively with Dr. Jack are…

  • The perfect internal dialogue techniques that will lead you to world-class success in your careers.
  • The exact same mental toughness skills that world champion athletes use to empower their success when the going gets tough.
  • Self-motivation techniques that will ignite your enthusiasm and success.
  • Resiliency techniques to protect you from every stressor your career throws at you.
  • Scientifically-proven communication and persuasive skills to drive new clients to you and deal with even the most difficult of your current clients.

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