HR Professionals Are Unrecognized Heroes

By Dr. Jack Singer

SAHRAI just returned from delivering my Keynote Speech “Powerful, Proactive Prescriptions to Prevent Hardening of the Atttudes During Uncertain Times” to the Sacramento Area Human Resources Association (SAHRA) where I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting some very dedicated and passionate HR Professionals.  I consider HR Professionals unrecognized heroes, as they are the stewards of the hearts and souls of their organizations, and the stewards of the main assets of their organizations—their valued employees! 

I am tremendously touched and honored by the wonderful responses that I have received from this wonderful group of dedicated professionals and wanted to share them with you.

“It was easy to tell that the audience was engaged and truly moved by your talk.  Unlike with many speakers, attendees today seemed to get more involved and attentive the longer you spoke.  The information you presented was clear, meaningful, practical, widely applicable and very fitting for HR professionals and their struggles.  As I looked over the attentive faces in the audience, it was obvious that lives were being touched and improved.  We are looking forward to having you return to speak again in the near future.” ~Greg Thomas, Greg Thomas Consulting

“Jack, I don’t know how you knew that I needed to hear your positivity today…but thank you for coming to this room today, making me smile! I didn’t realize how much I needed today…everything you spoke about related to my life in some way.”~Rachel Leach, Enterprise Holdings

“Very informative, organized and entertaining.  I can use the tools you’ve given in my workplace and in my personal life.” ~Rosie Carvajal, Lyon Real Estate

“Professional, powerful, honest and sincere!  Fantastic!!” ~Sharon Remero, Search Pros Staffing

“Outstanding…thought provoking ideas that are very timely for me.”  ~Jodi Hallerman, Hallerman Consulting

“Warm, heart-felt messages from Dr. Jack.  Great, positive psychology principals.” ~Megan Olson, Sacramento State University

“Very funny, extremely positive and uplifting!” ~Natalie Biehl, EHI

“Loved it!!  Very positive and realistic.  Great info and great reminders.  Thank you, Dr. Jack.” ~Pam Parker, CPS Human Resources Services

“A great presentation that I would definitely recommend!”  ~Alissa White, Pacific Coast Supply

“Excellent presentation, really enjoyed the real life examples.  Thanks for relating it so well to HR.” ~Daphne Constantine, Wells Fargo

“You touched my heart. Thank you very much!!  I will keep laughing because of you!!  You are awesome!”  ~Grace Kim Swin, Enterprise Holdings

Jack N. Singer, Ph.D.
Certified and Licensed Sport and Clinical Psychologist
Diplomate, National Institute of Sports Professionals, Division of Psychologists
Diplomate, American Academy of Behavioral Medicine
Certified Hypnotherapist, American Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

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