Getting Calm to Get Inspired

By Dr. Jack Singer

Everyone has days when “inspired” is the last word they would use to describe their mood. Not even close, in fact! The good news is that while inspiration cannot be forced, there are some simple tips to follow that can result in you getting calm enough to call inspiration your friend again.

Where to Start

Calm your mind.  Worrying over your rotten mood or lack of inspiration is just going to make things worse, so the first thing to do is to just relax. I know that sounds like it is not something that you can just command yourself to do, but you can find ways to make it occur naturally.

  1. Breathing. Dr. Andrew Weil offers 3 breathing exercises that will help you achieve a relaxed and clear state of mind.
  2. Keep both your mind and your eyes open. Take a look at the world around you – the people, the trees, buildings, nature and everything else as well. All these things can be doors to inspiration, and you should attempt to look at them all without judgment or resentment, calmly appreciating and paying attention to everything.
  3. Meditation. Those who find the time to meditate regularly often find inspiration much more easily.
  4. Anger Management. If you are easily roused to anger or find yourself chronically angry, check out my 4 CD set How to Permanently Master Your Anger – A 4 CD set that is based in state of the art research in Anger Management, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. You will learn easy-to-master skills that you can put to use right away to ward off anger-producing triggers and live a productive, healthy and happy life, with complete control of your emotions.

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