Get Up and Dance For Your Health

By Dr. Jack Singer

The Lebed Method, Focus on Healing Through Therapeutic Exercise and MovementDid you know that seasoned citizens who regularly put on their dancing shoes benefit from more than just having a rocking good time?

According to researchers at the University of Missouri-Columbia, participation by older adults in dance-based therapy can improve both balance and walking speed which are both key factors in reducing the risk of falls and injury in the elderly. The researchers used a program called the Lebed Method which is based on a combination of low-impact dance steps which are choreographed to music.

In the latest of a series of studies, volunteers at an independent-living community participated in 18 dance sessions over a two-month period. The seniors had so much fun that they continued dancing after the study concluded.

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Jack N. Singer, Ph.D.
Certified and Licensed Sport and Clinical Psychologist
Diplomate, National Institute of Sports Professionals, Division of Psychologists
Diplomate, American Academy of Behavioral Medicine
Certified Hypnotherapist, American Academy of Clinical Hypnosis

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