Financial Advisors: The Real Cause of Your Stress

By Dr. Jack Singer

Many advisors have contacted me for help dealing with their stress during the recent roller coaster upheavals in the market. As I have written in many articles over the years, it’s important to remember that events, such as volatile markets, don’t cause stress. Your interpretation of the events (for example, telling yourself that now some of your most difficult clients will be pounding the phone wanting explanations and needing reassurance) that determines whether or not you will suffer from stress.

The good news is that we all have choices in terms of the self-talk we use regarding events that take place in our lives. Practicing what I like to call “nutritional linguistics,” positive, healthy self talk is the most reliable way of avoiding or at least, diminishing your stress. Here’s an example, using the information above:

“I know that these clients will be contacting me about what’s happening in the market. They are not financial professionals and do not understand the history of markets, etc. They simply need reassurance that our core wealth management strategies are solid, despite market fluctuations. This is a temporary situation and I feel solid about my plan for them.”

Practicing “nutritional linguistics” pays rich dividends in all aspects of your life and reduces stress dramatically.

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