Dr. Jack’s Keynote Speech at the FLYGT Reseller Meeting

By Dr. Jack Singer

Dr. Jack SingerIt is my great honor to give the keynote speech at the FLYGT Reseller Meeting in Orlando, Florida tomorrow, October 11, 2009.

FLYGT, the maker of the world’s best underwater pumping systems, wanted a speaker to motivate and inspire them during these challenging times with cutting edge skills, and to do it in an uplifting and entertaining fashion… right up my alley! My keynote is titled: “POWERFUL, PROACTIVE PRESCRIPTIONS TO PREVENT HARDENING OF THE ATTITUDES DURING UNCERTAIN TIMES“.

If Dr. Jack could mesmerize and break up the famous Lucille Ball, you know he can do the same for your audience!  Call him today to discuss his hysterical and enlightening keynotes and training programs. 1-800-497-9880

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