Bobby Petrino – Another Moral Failure

By Dr. Jack Singer

An article about Bobby Petrino by Sports Psychologist Jack Singer.What a crying shame.

Now we have to add Coach Bobby Petrino of the Arkansas Razorbacks to the ever-growing list of morally failed athletes and trainers. Coach Petrino now joins the ranks of  Michael Vick, Roger Clemens, Barry Bonds, Pete Rose, Marion Jones, Joe Paterno and Tiger Woods. Just to name a few.

Once again, sports fans are shocked into the reality that regardless of athletic or coaching excellence, fame, and fortune, their “heroes” can actually be remarkably foolish people who possess a over-developed sense of entitlement and exercise exceedingly poor judgment.

The truth is that being a great athlete or coach does not compensate for faulty values and questionable judgment.  Yet, once again we have placard waving fans imploring the authorities to give him a pass and allow him to be a role model for our young athletes and fans. Fortunately, athletic director Jeff Long did the right thing and the support for firing Bobby Petrino continues to roll in and now it’s taken monetary form.

Of course, no one is squeaky clean.  We certainly have had our share of revered religious figures who stunned us with their behind the scenes activities. Recall the scandals with Catholic priests and some popular evangelistic leaders. And what about our political, film, music and TV celebrities who do stupid things, and then lie about it until they look like idiots? Sometimes drugs and alcohol play a role, but that also involves poor judgment, right?

We say to ourselves…”If I had all of that money and fame, I’d never risk it with drugs, alcohol, or gambling.”  “If I had a wife and family like he does, I’d never look around for other women.”

Alas, everyone has the temptation and opportunity to make inappropriate decisions in their lives. Whether they can get away with something should never enter the equation…instead, they should ask themselves whether their children and parents would be proud of their choices.

Real heroes recognize that when faced with temptation, the choice is ultimately theirs and they have an obligation to themselves and their families to make the right choice, every time.

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