Meet Ashton – A Competitive Gymnast

By Dr. Jack Singer

I love to share inspiring stories from my young athlete clients. Ashton is a wonderful young lady and a truly talented athlete and it is a joy working with her.

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Our 10 year-old daughter, Ashton, is a competitive gymnast and was excited about the beginning of her Level 7 season.  Her confidence, however, became somewhat rattled when she fell of the balance beam in consecutive meets while performing the same skill (back handspring, back handspring).

Although not devastated (she was able to hit the skill in practice with consistency), she told us she just couldn’t visualize herself doing it well in competition; she was overcome, instead, with negative thoughts.

Meeting with Dr. Jack turned out to be the best thing we did all season.  Ashton listened to the audio tape he made for her every day before practice, and before every remaining meet – and she applied the strategies that Dr. Jack had given her for overcoming her negative thoughts.  She never fell again.  In fact, at the 2012 California State Championships, Ashton medaled on the beam with her highest score of the year.

She also medaled and had personal bests on bars,  floor exercise, and vault (state champion), and finished 2nd in the all-around by a mere tenth of a point – exceeding even her expectations.  It was a wonderful season for Ashton, and she is poised for many more to come.  We are truly grateful to Dr. Jack for the time he spent with her.


Ashton Beam

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