5 Ways to Delight Your Clients

By Dr. Jack Singer

Developing a successful business means standing out from the competition, whether you’re in finance, healthcare, sales, HR, legal services, or any other industry. One way to do that is by making your clients a part of your business’s “family” – showing that you value them as clients and as individuals. There are many ways you can delight your clients, but I’m going to start out with a recent example from my own practice.

A Unique Example of How to Delight Your Clients

Today, I was speaking with the marketing director of a wealth management firm that is heavily invested in wellness for their advisory team. The advisory team, as well as all of the other employees, make up their “family” and the company regularly holds all kinds of wellness programs to demonstrate their commitment to helping employees achieve their very best. I am privileged that they are going to bring me in to conduct my unique programs as well.

While we were chatting about the possibilities, the marketing director mentioned that they sometimes INVITE THEIR CLIENTS to the workshops. This allows them to pass forward the wonderful, life-altering skills they are teaching their employees to their own clients. It demonstrates that the firm genuinely cares, and it strengthens the business-client relationship.

4 Other Ways You Can Delight Your Clients

I think this wealth management firm has a terrific idea for delighting their clients in a unique way that is sure to make them stand out from the competition. Some other ways you can delight your clients includes:

  • Personal, Hand-Written Notes – In the modern era, most communications are digital which, although efficient, lack a certain personal quality. When was the last time you received – or wrote – a handwritten Thank You card? This form of personal communication is sure to delight your clients.
  • Listening – In a past blog post, I talked about how active listening is one of the best ways to strengthen your client relationships and personal relationships alike. Not only can it help defuse tense situations, but it can also help you identify and act on your client’s pain points.
  • Remembering Important Info – Every business gathers important information about their clients to assist in marketing and sales. But have you ever considered using this data to strengthen your personal relationships with clients? Acknowledging client birthdays or company anniversary dates, remembering the names of spouses, children, and pets, and recalling other personal information can help build your client relationships.
  • Regular Check-Ins – Periodic check-ins will keep you top of mind, but it also reinforces your relationships with clients. Plan a quick call or email check-in at a regular interval, or you can even set up an email automation to go out every X days, with an email that asks them how they are doing and if they’d like to touch base with you.

Finding unique ways to delight your clients will help you build your relationships and stand out from the competition. Try the techniques I mentioned above, and if you’d like to incorporate wellness programs for your clients OR your employees, contact me for more information at 949-481-5660.