3 Characteristics of an Outstanding Financial Services Professional

By Dr. Jack Singer

I am currently reading a fabulous book, Confidence: How Winning Streaks and Losing Streaks Begin and End, by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, from the Harvard Business School. As I read, I am struck by how she defines true leaders, including those who are the stewards of our wealth. In my experience working with the financial services industry, I have come across many outstanding financial services professionals, and there are some key characteristics that each possesses that sets them apart.

Let’s take a look at what some of those characteristics are.

3 Characteristics of an Outstanding Financial Services Professional

In her book, Kanter writes, “All of us want confidence that our investments of money…will lead to positive results. We look to leaders to deliver that confidence…leadership is not about the leader; it is about how he or she builds the confidence of everyone else.” This statement is so striking and so true.

In my work with advisors and other financial professionals all over the world, I am delighted to find some special ones. They are leaders who not only build the confidence their colleagues in the firm but certainly build the confidence of their valued clients. Here are three of the base characteristics of these individuals:

  1. Strong core values
  2. Positive and strong affect, regardless of volatile economic or market conditions
  3. A genuine and fiduciary sense of responsibility for each client, as if they are the only client

These are the characteristics that make for a unique and special financial services professionals. And here’s the good news: these are not hard-wired traits from their DNA. These are learned traits, which each and every person reading this blog can develop. 

What is most inspiring is that for those professionals who are able to learn these specific characteristics, the ‘Win’ translates into more than just their professional life – it follows them into their personal life as well. They are able to successfully manage the work/life balance and to create a well-rounded and fulfilling life.

One of the greatest rewards of the work I’ve done with athletes, and now with financial and business professionals, is to see the transformation of those who go through the process of Developing the Mindset of a Champion, a process that helps them to build the characteristics outlined above. While it does not happen overnight, with a lot of hard work and the right tools, we are building some really special, and successful, financial professionals.

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