Discover How To Develop The Mindset Of A CHAMPION!

How Do Professionals Develop the Mindset of a Champion?

Nationally-renowned professional speaker/author and trainer, Dr. Jack Singer, has combined his years of education and experience to create proven, actionable strategies that can teach you how to master your stress, bounce back from difficulties and release your underlying talents.

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Dr. Jack offers free consultations to get to know you and your goals. Click the button below to contact Dr. Jack and set up your consultation.


Dr. Jack’s passion is providing his audiences with powerful SOLUTIONS for overcoming the emotional hurdles that have prevented them from performing their best, consistently. Jack is an expert at inspiring and motivating attendees to release their true potential. Jack spellbinds his audiences with a unique style, blending powerful research with riveting storytelling, and a hi-octane, funny delivery. They leave with PRACTICAL, “how to” tools they can use immediately!


With more than 180 published articles, and the author of the book, “The Financial Advisor’s Ultimate Stress Mastery Guide,” Dr. Jack packs a punch with his rich writing that showcases examples, easy-to-understand concepts, and powerful, yet simple-to-master behavioral tips.


Having been awarded a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Dr. Jack Singer has consulting with corporations for more than 25 years. His goal is to provide all of his consulting clients with a carefully designed plan to move forward and positively toward achieving their goals.


Dr. Jack has been a fantastic blessing in my life. I came to him as a struggling 16 years old not sure if I wanted to keep playing football, and left with confidence and inner peace that has remained with me throughout my life. Without Jack, I'm not sure I finish playing high-school football, let alone become a Captain and Most Valuable Player for my dream college. It's funny - now I'm the one giving people advice on how to overcome adversity, and I'm leveraging plenty of things Dr. Jack and I spoke about all those years ago. Thanks for everything, my friend.
Joe Schmidt | Notre Dame Football Captain and MVP

When I initially contacted Dr. Jack singer regarding speaking at our conference he promised me that I would be thrilled with the results and I decided to engage him. Boy was he right! His presentation was not only enlightening and hilarious, but so informative and applicable to everyone’s real life and job situations.
Cynthia Pazzaglia | First Citizen’s National Bank

Dr. Jack Singer recently conducted the keynote presentation entitled, “Actionable Skills to Quickly Develop the Mindset of a CHAMPION Financial Professional.” at the 2019 Quota Buster Kickoff for the MassMutual, Southeast Coast. It was fantastic! Dr. Jack’s presentation was a very helpful mentality change that all financial professionals should be exposed to!
Rob Campbell | Attendee

From the Desk of Dr. Jack

Job burnout is an insidious problem in the American workforce, among all levels of employees. Frequently undiagnosed, burnout may appear in job statistics of absenteeism statistics, in suicide rates, or in the development of chronic illnesses that keep employees from working. Ultimately, working oneself to death can be the disguise for job burnout.
I get so many calls from people suffering from stress that I wanted to share some stress mastery tips with you each week. Please bookmark this site and visit each week for the newest tip.
Take care of your emotional health by taking care of your physical health. Consider visiting a licensed Naturopathic Physician to learn about foods and natural supplements that have been proven to reduce and prevent stress.