Sources of Stress

Stress Management Series – Section 1 – Sources of Stress

Sources of Stress for Work-From-Home Entrepreneurs by Dr. Jack SingerWhen you work from home, stress is everywhere. It’s in your success as you become more in demand; it’s in your lack of success as you try to figure out how to make a go of your venture. When you’re stressed out, you become less effective as your energy is sapped away from your goals and diverted to fighting fires. If you could minimize these stressors, you’d be better able to focus on your long-term business goals.

In my experience, there are nine main stress points that home-based entrepreneurs face:

1. You’re stressed because you don’t set priorities.

2. You’re stressed because you don’t manage your time efficiently.

3. You’re stressed because a lot of what you do is outside your control.

4. You’re stressed because you can’t say no.

5. You’re stressed because you don’t set boundaries for your family.

6. You’re stressed because you get sucked into the TV/e-mail/blog-reading trap.

7. You’re stressed because you don’t delegate.

8. You’re stressed because you don’t take care of yourself or your health.

9. You’re stressed because you don’t have a support system.

If you were to rate yourself on each point, you’d likely score higher on some than others. You may be a great delegator, but you’re not so good at setting boundaries. Each of us has our own strengths and weaknesses, based on our experience and personality. Even if you answer “yes” to only one of these stress points, you may suffer from more anxiety than someone who has answered “yes” to numerous stressors. Each of us responds differently to outside pressures and stress.

Let’s take a look at each one of these in greater detail, to see where some of your personal stress points are. We’ll also take a look at how you can make adjustments and get on the road to increased productivity and a more enjoyable work life. The first stop?  Taking a look at your priorities.

Stress Management Series

Sources of Stress

Set Your Priorities

Manage Time Effectively

Get Back in Control

Just Say No

Set Boundaries for Family

Ward Off the Time Vampires


Take Care of You

Create a Support System


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