The Change Agent – An eCourse

Learn the skills and tools to effectively transform yourself into a more effective and valued financial advisor.

Learn the skills and tools to effectively transform yourself into a more effective and valued financial advisor.How do you deal with change?

Brian Boggs, co-founder of Leading Minds Academy, talks candidly with Jack Singer Ph.D. about how advisors can turn challenges to opportunities when change happens.

Discover the tools and skills you can learn to becomes a more effective and valued advisor and transition from being a “Price Taker” to a “Price Maker”.


We look into the psychology of developing championship level performance and teach skills that advisors can use to overcome the self-doubt that can easily arise with the challenges we face in the “new economy”.

This 8 part audio series was produced in order for advisors to develop and understand the skill set needed to cope with change, meet the challenges head on and overcome them, in order to become a successful and valuable fee based advisor.


“WHY CHANGE ? Things are OK as they are, aren’t they ?”

Well maybe, maybe not. Look at what’s happening in the world of 
financial services. In the UK, the Financial Services Authority has instituted a review 
of the distribution of retail investment products (RDR) based on consumer 
access to advice. Delivery of advice will bring about big changes for advisors. – to be implemented December 2012.

In the USA, the Dodd-Frank bill has introduced new compliance 
obligations on advisors and the word “fiduciary” has been introduced. 
How it will be defined, to whom it will apply, and under what circumstances 
is still being addressed.

The Code of Professional Conduct for authorized financial advisors has been 
introduced in New Zealand requiring advisors to meet certain professional 
minimum standards.

Here in Australia we have FOFA [Future of financial advice] draft legislation due in April. Commissions will be banned on some products and terms, fee for advice, opt-in provisions, fiduciary duty, etc., are being introduced. Implementation of FOFA is estimated to take place in July, 2012.

Change is racing headlong towards us. How will your life adapt/change to meet these intended provisions? 
You have little time left to effect the change and there are so many questions unanswered.

Leading Minds Academy

We can’t do it all for you, but we can help you understand what is needed in order to turn challenges into opportunities. And that’s why you need to join us for the:

The Change Agent online audio series runs over 8 modules and more than 119 minutes, covering,

  • Developing the mindset of a Champion Advisor
  • Overcoming the fear of failure
  • Getting a clear perspective on change
  • Approaching a career crossroad
  • Key questions you need to ask
  • Managing clients expectations
  • Discovering the science of influence
  • and much much more

So do you just wake up one morning and decide

“Well I’ll just do things differently”?

We have asked an eminent Psychologist, the amazing Dr Jack Singer, a subject expert in managing change in our lives, to join Brian Boggs, our Leading Mind in Financial Services.

In The Change Agent, these two experts answer the most important and probing questions when dealing with change.

You will discover the skills and tools to effectively change well-entrenched habits, you will become a real expert in your field and be respected by your peers. In short, you will be able to transform yourself into a more effective & valued advisor.

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