Sport Psychology Coaching for Serious Poker Players

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It has long been acknowledged that psychological skills are just as critical for serious poker players as knowledge and technique, yet most players simply ignore these major mental contributors to their success or failure. Players who are trained to use mental toughness skills are much more successful than those who ignore those skills.


As a professional or serious home game poker player are you…

    • Suffering from continuous Bad Beats?
    • Getting frustrated and angry when you lose, especially to a “fish”?
    • Sabotaging your success by straying from your winning strategies?
    • A victim of Running Bad, Hate Losing, Revenge or Desperation Tilts?
    • Finding yourself hesitating because your’re afraid of making a mistake?
    • Constantly second guessing yourself and not trusting your gut?
    • Making poor decisions because of impatience?
    • Losing confidence in your ability to play your best consistently?
    • Avoiding games because of your fear of losing?
    • Chasing when you should fold?
    • Not playing your best under pressure?
    • Feeling burned out and feel like quitting?

Poker Psychology questions

It is commonly accepted that any poker player is capable of learning a broad range of psychological skills that can play a critical role in poker performance. Psychological training should be an integral part of your training process, including anxiety management, anger management, and self-confidence building.

As a Certified Sports Psychologist, Dr. Jack Singer has worked with Olympic and World Champion athletes and he will teach you key skills to cope with competitive pressures, develop optimal performance consistently, and stay focused amid the many distractions, obstacles and disappointments that you inevitably face.

Dr. Jack Singer is one of the few Certified Sports Psychologists in the world who is trained and certified in Sport Hypnosis.  Hypnosis is a powerful technique he teaches to all of his clients. Just imagine coming into a game zoned in, clear thinking, and on top of your game.  His highly successful clients actually listen to their customized hypnotic recordings while they play. He calls this your “unfair advantage.

Free 20 Minute Telephone Consultation with Psychologist Dr. Jack Singer

Before working with you, I was so frustrated, I was ready to quit poker playing altogether.  My average winnings per hour was low.  In addition, the stress, anger and resentment I felt while playing was impacting my health and family in a very negative way.

After working with you, my average winnings per hour dramatically increased to a level  that I would say 99% of all pros would KILL for. The hypnotic recordings you made for me are absolutely amazing, Dr. Jack! Above all, I’m winning more with much less stress and my life and health has turned around.  Thanks so much for your invaluable help, Dr. Jack.” 

~ IM, Las Vegas

Dr. Jack Singer is an Orange County, California-based Certified Sport Psychologist who conducts phone and Skype therapy with professional poker players all over the world.Dr. Jack Singer, PhD., Licensed & Certified Sport Psychologist, Diplomate in Sport Psychology from the National Institute of Sports Professionals

Based in Orange County, California, Dr. Jack Singer sees local clients in his office and coaches poker players in other locales via phone or Skype.

Your FREE 20 minute telephone consultation will help Dr. Jack understand your performance problems and Dr. Jack will show you exactly why you don’t perform consistently and he will teach you the mental and emotional techniques to raise your confidence and WIN the mental game of poker.