April 29

Coach Your Sales Team Like a Pro Sports Coach – Part 3

GAME PLAN FOR SALES SUCCESS: Coach Your Sales Team Like a Pro Sports Coach Today is “Wednesday Workshop!” By Dr. Jack Singer Licensed Sport Psychologist Professional Sales Team Speaker/Trainer This is part 3 of a 5 part series. In my first two articles about a week long Game Plan for Sales Success, I discussed kicking.

April 16

Our Nations Fragile Security Threatened Once Again

Thousands and perhaps millions of Americans are going to sleep on April 15, 2013 worried about where the next terrorist attack may take place. This, added to the constant threats from the likes of Iran and North Korea, has again shocked us out of our complacency.

April 8

Coach Your Sales Team Like a Pro Sports Coach – Part 1

Successful college and professional coaches have certainly perfected a game plan for practicing and finely tuning their team members’ skills. The exact same skills can be taught to sales teams, in order to maximize their ability to perform when it counts the most.

April 4

Ware & Rice: A Case of Beauty and the Beast

In the aftermath of Louisville Guard Kevin Ware’s horrific injuries, we know it is time that we blow the whistle on coaches who do not have the maturity to control their emotions. We need to quickly weed them out.

March 27

Stress Mastery Rx #12

Do you find yourself rushing through life so much you forget to stop and smell the flowers? When we do that, we tend to stress more, enjoy less, and possibly put ourselves at risk for burnout.

March 25

Major Upsets Are Predictable in Sports

By Jack Singer, Ph.D. Licensed and Certified Sport Psychologist For the seventh time in NCAA tournament history — and the third time in the last two years — a 15-seed has defeated a 2-seed. Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) defeated Georgetown 78-68 in FGCU’s first-ever NCAA tournament game. And, they added to their resume by.

March 19

Giving All Professional Psychologists a Bad Name!

Because of the inappropriateness of Dr. Richard Samuels testing, thus invalidating his conclusions, plus the blurring of his objectivity by crossing the line between evaluating and treating, all of his testimony in the Jodi Arias trail should be disallowed.

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