The Change Agent

Leading Minds AcademyFinancial Advisors – How Do You Deal With Change?

Brian Boggs, co-founder of Leading Minds Academy talks candidly with Dr Jack Singer Ph.D. about how financial advisers can cope with change.


Agents of Change Part 1 – How Do You Deal With Change?

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Agents of Change Part 2: Overcoming Fear of Failure

This week Jack and Brian discuss the the thing that can stop us in our tracks – Fear. Many a false step is made by standing still.

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 Agents of Change Part 3: Getting a Clear Perspective on Change

Discover the tools and skills you can learn to overcome the change from being a Price Taker to a Price Maker.

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Agents of Change Part 4: Approaching Career Crossroads With Change

  • Discover what career changes have in common.
  • What is it about change that leads to stress?
  • What is the key plan to ward off the stresses of change?

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Agents of Change Part 5:  5 Key Questions to Ask Yourself When Dealing With Change.

  • Who is in control of the changes?
  • What can I do now to expand my service offering?
  • Is there a way to minimize the negative effects of this change?
  • How can my life be made better by change?

Join us on this voyage of discovery as we learn that change can be a positive thing in our lives.

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Agents of Change Part 6: Managing Client’s Unrealistic Expectations

This week we talk about the touchy subject of managing clients unrealistic expectations. What happens when the client hits the panic button?  We discuss how to:

  • Become the trusted adviser.
  • How to validate the fears of the clients.
  • Excelling in empathy.
  • How to deal with angry clients.

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Agents of Change Part 7: Discovering the Science of Influence

  • How to unlock emotional intelligence.
  • What is covert persuasion plan 101?  Dr. Jack shares an attitude change how to pick up on this.
  • First impressions. Do you get a second chance?

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